Trump to Rage Against the Machine: Let me join, will make tour bus “luxurious”

Press Release.

Donald Trump, who has has been “raging against the machine,” spouting claims like, “The system, folks, is rigged,” as he faces opponents that refuse to bow out for him–no matter how grim their chances at beating Trump are, nor how many harsh political attacks Trump wages on them–reportedly took to Twitter Wednesday night hoping to enlist the help of rap metal band Rage Against the Machine: “@RATM, we have a lot in common, let’s talk.”

Several tweets followed: “@RATM, let’s jam. Your harsh riffs can be platform for my vision,” “@RATM, let’s make America great again!,” and finally, “@RATM, let me join. I’ll make the tour bus luxurious!”

The band, who almost immediately shut Trump down–mocking him unrelentingly–wrote back to him in a response: “@realDonaldTrump, you don’t need our help spreading your propaganda. And you won’t get it.” Trump deleted the conversation shortly thereafter.

Trump, who has been known in the music scene for having entertained Insane Clown Posse members’ depraved sexual fantasies to no end, for using bands’ songs without permission, and for inciting violent mosh pits without having the stones to take place in them himself, should not be surprised by yet another musical act’s rejection of his hate speech.

-TTT Staff.

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