Steven Spielberg admits “Mr. Bimbo,” the man who lives in his finger, lead him to success


Written by Mr. Mimo, Staff Writer.

Steven Spielberg, famed director of critically acclaimed box-office hits throughout the decades including Jaws (1975), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Schindler’s List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and last year’s Bridge of Spies, has inspired the masses once again with his eloquent advice that anyone can achieve their dreams if they “listen to the whispers.”  The striking, though strange, advice was given in a speech made by Spielberg two years ago at an awards ceremony, but has since exploded the internet in a video released by Goalcast last weekend.  The speech has gone viral, inspiring fellow filmmakers, artists, go-getters, and schizophrenics across the nation to seek immediate success in their wildest fantasies through their quiet inner voices.

Spielberg, himself inspired by his words, has this past week offered further clarification to his poignant discussion of “the whispers” in a statement published in Empire magazine:

“I’m pleased that so many people out there are finally following their passions by considering the whispers.  I would like to clarify, however, that when I said “whispers” I did not mean those voices inside your head that drive your dreams. I meant the little creature that lives inside everyone’s index finger, the one true conscience, that guides everything one achieves in life.  For me that little whispering creature is a man named Mr. Bimbo, and I am everything because of him.”

-Steven Spielberg

Spielberg later commented that he “feels terrible” about not giving Mr. Bimbo the credit he deserved, but that Mr. Bimbo, who had supposedly written the speech, wouldn’t have wanted the recognition anyway.  “He’s very humble,” Spielberg stated and turned to address his finger.  “Aren’t you, Mr. Bimbo?”

Mr. Bimbo whispering to Spielberg during the speech.

Spielberg had not always known about Mr. Bimbo’s persuasive presence.  Reportedly, the miniature genius, who should not be confused with the Mr. Bimbo from Muppet Treasure Island (1996), revealed himself to Spielberg during the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).  “It was almost divine,” Spielberg stated, gazing toward the heavens.  “I was pointing at Harrison (Harrison Ford) and telling him to act ‘more Indy, less Han,’ when all of a sudden my finger moved as though following some unseen force until it pointed at a large seemingly immovable boulder.  It was then I heard the whisper for the first time: ‘Make that rock roll and film it.’  At first I thought  I had lost my mind under the harsh desert sun, but then I speculated it must have been divine intervention.  I mean, look at the religious message of the film I was trying to create!  I followed my finger’s commands.  The whispers occurred many more times throughout the shooting, and the results were impressive, but it wasn’t until the final scene when the whisper revealed itself to be Mr. Bimbo.”

For many years, Spielberg kept the origins of his directorial successes a secret.  He knew that if word were to get out about the man living in his finger, he would be ostracized from the Hollywood community.  Still, like any artist under the influence of his miniature muse, Spielberg sought creative ways to express himself through film.  The year after Raiders was released, Spielberg began production on a film recounting Mr. Bimbo’s origin story, which he cleverly masked under the image of a lovable alien and his glowing fingertip in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982).

Mr. Bimbo metaphorically rendered as the glowing tip of E.T.’s finger enlightening Spielberg’s metaphorical self, Elliott

The film was wildly popular, winning four Oscars and capturing the hearts of millions.  Spielberg nor Mr. Bimbo, however, were entirely satisfied with the film’s results, having lost Best Picture to Ghandi (1982), and decided to dedicate their lives to making films so good, grand, and costly that any other filmmaker would have to dance through fiery hula-hoops to stand any chance of viewer reception.  Their accomplishments throughout the years are perhaps best showcased in the following slideshow:

Spielberg and Mr. Bimbo discussing an angle of cinematography
Mr. Bimbo and his associates directing Lincoln (2012) 
Spielberg and Mr. Bimbo winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards
George Lucas mocking his friend Steven’s Mr. Bimbo obsession

Anything is possible in life.  Spielberg and Mr. Bimbo have demonstrated the potential one’s whispers’ have on influencing the path we all take toward enlightenment.  All we have to do is listen, and all our dreams will be realized.

– Mr. M


Mr. Mimo is the man who lives inside Monsieur Mick Montage’s finger.  Prior to Spielberg’s Mr. Bimbo announcement, Mr. Mimo was too afraid of Monsieur Mick’s gravely voice to reveal himself to his host.  Mr. Bimbo inspired him to find the confidence, and Mr. Mimo has since been directing the editing of all film articles on The Thirsty Thespian open and unperturbed.