LEAKED Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Tape Already Developing Oscar Buzz


Unbeknownst to them, celebrity actor Leonardo DiCaprio and current sweetie, 20-year-old Argentinian model-actress Camila Morrone, start an early lead in race for 2019 Oscars and  Adult Video News (AVN) awards for their portrayal of themselves in one saucy affair.

Written by Bear, Staff Writer.

LOS ANGELES–“We haven’t heard grunting so impassioned since his performance in The Revenant,” enthusiastic film buff, aspiring director, and landlord Bill Turkington remarked, describing to TTT reporters a new project he’s been exhaustingly involved in.

Turkington, a budding filmmaker who dreams of accolades and prestige, owes the majority of his income to the ownership of a string of upscale luxury apartment buildings and condos in Los Angeles, one in which celebrity actor and recent Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio rents a luxurious penthouse. According to Turkington, he jumped at the opportunity of renting to DiCaprio, who was in the market for a new luxury penthouse shortly after the completion of the 2015 epic western The Revenant, for which was awarded an Academy Award for his performance which consists mostly of nonverbal, guttural grunts.

Turkington cites Leonardo DiCaprio’s “impassioned grunting” in 2015 film The Revenant as his sole interest in representing DiCaprio on film.


On becoming aware of the recent romances of DiCaprio and being moved by the intensity of DiCaprio’s apparent sexual expression in the graphic “intimacy of man and beast” portrayed on film,  Turkington “saw an opportunity to capture the beauty of human relations” on film, “an invitation for artistic representation.”

Despite describing, at length, the process by which he installed security cameras, which directly incriminated him and disproved DiCaprio and Morrone’s willingness to participate in this “preservation of art through representation,” Turkington nonetheless maintains his satisfaction in the collaboration. “Working with Leo has been an honor. What’s seen on film, I can assure viewers will delight in, whether it’s in their experience of profound awe or emotional trauma. So visceral. So raw.”

While the film, “A Night with Leo,” has been entered into Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival and already garners high praise from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, the scenes have leaked and major news publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post have described their disgust over much of footage, characterizing it as nothing more than “a smut film;” needless to say, the adult film industry has also obtained the footage, with many publications praising the film as “an erotic triumph.” Spectators of the Adult Video News (AVN) awards, the most prestigious of accolades in the adult film industry and colloquially referred to as ” the Oscars of Porn,” have already tipped their hat to DiCaprio, suggesting he leads the race for 2019 best actor.

Despite his film earning high praise within the Oscar and AVN awards communities, Turkington has found himself in hot water, with DiCaprio and Morrone jointly filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit for their invasion of privacy.


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