The Thirsty Thespian Editor Awarded Trump’s ‘Terrific News’ Honor, “America’s greatest, realest, most good news writer”


Press Release


The Thirsty Thespian Local News Editor and Staff Writer “Crazy” Dave Jonze has been awarded the ‘Terrific News’ Honor, President Trump’s highest accolade in News Journalism.  One week after announcing his ‘Fake News’ Awards, which received much Twitter and news network backlash, Trump celebrated some of what he considers “good, wholesome media… America’s greatest, realest, most good news writers” by inviting a select number of elite professional journalists to the White House.  Among nominated media moguls including Sean Hannity of Fox News and Chad Nackers of The Onion rose one winner “hugely above the rest,” The Thirsty Thespian’s own Crazy Dave.

The president cited Crazy’s local news piece “Advice: How to Tactfully Resign from Your Job” as the key factor in his victory over the other competitive nominees, noting how it was an article that “inspired me bigly in rooting out ‘Sloppy Steve’ Bannon.”  The Thirsty Thespian staff applauds Crazy’s victory, which stands as a huge milestone in the organization’s mission to preserve news integrity as “America’s most trusted source of information.”