Son of local man who battered fellow voter insists father’s “heart is in the right place”

Macomb, IL–A local man whose father’s political leanings turned volatile early Tuesday morning insists that his “dad’s heart is in the right place.” Jacques Denny McDougle, Sr., a resident of Macomb waiting in line to cast his ballot in the 2016 presidential election, reportedly became violent when a fellow voter “egged me on!” McDougle, whose party affiliation has not yet been determined, lunged at a City area High School chemistry teacher and then proceeded to twirl the “poor schmuck’s body around like a pile of loose spaghetti, the chump!” “That’ll teach him to tread on me!” McDougle was heard shouting before throwing the schoolteacher into a crowd of startled voters. The enraged man then fled the premises before being caught by law enforcement officers and taken into custody. McDougle’s eldest son, Denny, Jr., a university professor, “genuinely embarrassed” by his father’s acts, apologized profusely to fellow voters, insisting “I promise his heart is in the right place. He just gets so passionate, sometimes it gets a little out of hand.”