Stubborn motorists involved in head-on collision at quaint one-lane covered bridge

The cutesy covered bridge that leads into historic downtown Long Grove, Illinois, which is the site of several  widely attended events like the Long Grove Chocolate Fest, was also the site of horror early Saturday morning when two rivaling vehicles collided.

Long Grove, IL–Historic Long Grove, Illinois, a quaint town of picturesque storefronts, is topped off with the charm of a one-lane covered bridge that would appear to serve as a portal from one dimension and time into another. However, this Pleasantville-like scene was similarly brought into the terrors of the 21st century when two drivers approaching the two-way stop leading onto the bridge, who together reportedly refused to acknowledge whose turn it was, raced toward each other at speeds as high as 15 miles an hour. The two drivers–Anderson Mcalister, a rich CEO,  and Dave Grundy, a grumpy, over-worked and under-appreciated mailman–arrived at their respective stop signs virtually at the same time, neither willing to let the other driver proceed first across the covered bridge. Instead, Mcalister and Grundy, each reportedly exchanging taunting glances, raced toward each other, their cars slamming together as fellow motorists waiting in line and passers-by watched in horror as the cars, colliding to a halt, erupted into a brawl of roadside road rage. At press time, the two men, still holding up traffic, were involved in a passionate fist fight, neither admitting any wrongdoing.