Old friend must take local man to “epic taco joint not too many people know about” while he’s in town

Urbana Taco Bell is the town’s “hidden gem”

Press Release.

Urbana, IL–Chronic marijuana user and University of Illinois philosophy major, Dean Friedle, a transplant from southern California, had a visitor to his 2nd story dorm room last Friday: his childhood friend, Tyler Evans, whose presence hasn’t graced him in nearly three years. Friedle, “totally stoked” that his friend was going to be in town for a week, insisted, “dude, you totally gotta check out this epic taco joint not too many people know about while you’re in town.” The college senior, three bong hits in, continued: “It’s like… the hidden gem of Urbana–totally righteous tacos!” Upon arrival, Evans would have normally been both surprised and disappointed at the sight before him–a local franchise of the popular chain Taco Bell–had he not been quite intoxicated at this point himself, unable to bring himself to say, “Bro, that’s a Taco Bell!” Rather, in jubilant harmony, he proclaimed, “Brah, these are going to be some righteous tacos,” before his gracious host proudly requested “37 tacos, please, and some chimichangas while you’re at it–and step on it!” At press time, the employee working the drive-thru informed Fiedle and Evans that they had in fact already made their order, and had been sitting there, exponentially adding tacos to their order thinking they were still at the first window.