Father more pleased with how good his tie job is than how son looks

Round Lake Beach, IL–“Hold on, just a minute,” Grant Everly’s father Greg reportedly said, at 5:55 Friday morning, as he adjusted his son’s tie to a perfect Half Windsor knot. “There!” He exclaimed, taking a moment to marvel and admire his handy work. “That looks pretty great, if I say so myself.” Grant, a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, scheduled for a early Friday interview at a Milwaukee-based marketing firm, was eager to impress his interviewers with not only his PR chops recently acquired through a prestigious internship in New York City, but also with his suave looks. “Do I look good?” The 22 year-old asked his father with sincere curiosity. “What?” The 65 year-old beat cop replied vacantly. “Oh, yea, whatever–you look fine.” He said, abruptly cutting his son off. “Let me get another look at that tie–it looks like it may be a bit crooked.” Then taking a moment to review his work: “Nah! It’s perfect! That is one good looking tie job!”  The interviewee then asked his father if his hair looked “okay” before being shuffled out the door with an off-topic reminder: “Be sure not to screw with that knot. You don’t want to mess it up! And remember to call me after the interview to tell me if they said anything about how good your tie looks! I’m more than willing to give them some pointers if they’re asking!”

At press time, Everly, Jr., sitting in the lobby anticipating his interviewer’s arrival, was interrupted by a fellow interviewee: “Excuse me, sir. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how did you get that tie to look so great?”