Miley Cyrus announces upcoming release of new perfume “Scent of Ho.” Justin Bieber pre-orders first million bottles.


Press Release.

It is no new surprise that American superstar singer and actress Miley Cyrus has been open about her embrace of the sexually eccentric, famously releasing hit single “Wrecking Ball,” accompanied by a much parodied risque music video, and catching flak for her notably regrettable Monica Lewinski routine accompanying her “Bangerz” tour.

More recently, Cyrus has received widespread criticism for her mocking instagram photo of Jodie Sweetin in response to Fuller House, with many fans calling Cyrus’s actions “over-the-line.”

Cyrus, unfazed by critics’ stance on her promiscuity and pepperiness toward other stars, announced today the release of much anticipated perfume line, which she is calling “Scent of Ho.”

Although not specifying the exact description of this bizarre manifestation of smells, Cyrus has admitted the perfume includes ingredients ranging from strawberry, rose, and thyme to “body sweat” and other “essential oils.”

“I’m really excited about the new perfume,” super Miley fan Brandy Horowitz told reporters. “I’m just so excited about being able to smell like Miley!” Horowitz will be disappointed, however, that she will have to wait for stock of the perfume to become available, as it was recently announced that pop star Justin Bieber pre-ordered the first million bottles of the perfume. Bieber refused to give any comment on his reason for purchasing so many bottles of Cyrus’s lewdly named perfume.

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