Breaking News: Jacob Tremblay actually raised in Room

Jacob Tremblay with “Ma” at ceremony Sunday.

Press Release.

In a shocking comment, Jacob Tremblay reveals the dark side of Lenny Abrahamson’s directing of Room. In a recent interview at the red carpet, Trembly remarked on the grand scale of the academy.

When asked about his thoughts on the night’s festivities, he was quoted as saying, “It’s much bigger than room,” before being shuffled off by costar Brie Larson, whom he apparently calls “Ma.”

Later, Jacob was observed being disciplined by director Abrahanson, the content of which remains unknown.

Does this unusual behavior suggest a possible psychological disturbance in Jacob’s demeanor?  Abrahamson, on further questioning on the source material of his film, stated that “I wanted to be as realistic as possible. You know, something to outdo Linklater’s Boyhood.”

Upon asking Brie Larson for her interpretation of Abrahamson’s inspiration, Larson confirmed suspicion, noting, “I knew Jacob from birth. It was quite a project.”