Ku Klux Klan member sends his Oscar picks to The Washington Times

Written by Sylvester Stallone, Jr., Staff Writer.

Amid the impending Academy Awards ceremony, one Klan member’s self-described “poignant views” on the nominations were sent to The Washington Times earlier this morning.

Before any comments on the specifics of his choices, he stressed that he “loved” the Academy’s predominantly White choices this year.  “At least those (censored) got something right.”

For Best Picture, in contrast to many critics’ favorite, The Revenant, he wrote, “Didn’t like it. It was written and directed by a Mexican. And there were too many natives.” The rambunctious fellow didn’t like any of the included films, calling them all “too liberal.”

For best director, “As long as it’s not Iñárritu, I don’t give a [censored].”

For best actor in a leading role, he wrote at some length, “I don’t understand how they could recommend a woman, a commie, and a geek for best actor. I’ve gotta go with one of the two blonde guys.” He added, while that he preferred Dicaprio’s portrayal of pioneer and “badass good ole’ boy” Hugh Glass, he thought Dicaprio’s fight with the bear made him look like a “[censored].”

For best actress, he remarked, “Gotta go with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s bangin’.” The Times did not take kindly to his remarks about Lawrence.

For best actor in supporting role, he gave his most definitive choice in choosing “Stallone. Period.” He added,  “Interesting to see Stallone in such a unique, interesting new role.” Though, he added that he admired Hardy’s performance in The Revenant.

For the remaining categories, he wrote, “They might as well just cut them all together.”

As is evident from his “poignant” responses, it is clear that Mr. KKK should have himself been nominated for one of the supporting roles in 2014’s 12 Years a Slave.

We will leave all further interpretation up to our readers.