Ennio Morricone high on acid while composing and conducting Hateful Eight Soundtrack

Press Release.

During Tarantino’s most recent Disney rant, it was revealed that famed composer Ennio Marricone was contractually obligated to take acid prior to, during, and after all involvement with The Hateful Eight.

Tarantino discusses Morricone’s inebriated choices, stating “The bassoons were very important to Morricone’s vision.”

“Reflecting his early work,” Tarantino continued. “Their intent was to transcend listeners into the snowy air of Marricone’s subconscious.”

While several critics have argued that Marricone’s score is at times jarringly out of place, Tarantino stresses that “anything out of this man’s mind is brilliant. F**k Disney and John Williams. Star Wars sucks.”