Jane Fonda, subject of Jefferson Starship’s “Jane,” admits she was “playin’ a game called ‘hard to get'”

Film actress Jane Fonda, the subject of Jefferson Starship’s “Jane,” told reporters she had “admittedly” toyed with David Freiberg’s heart. Also Jim McPherson’s. Possibly Mickey Thomas’s.

Written by Buddy Lukas, Staff Writer.

Hollywood, California–“Like a cat and a mouse,” film actress Jane Fonda, 78, admits to possibly having dishonestly misled several members of the rock band Jefferson Starship, of whom she was a romantic interest, when, in a stunning revelation before reporters Sunday, she revealed that she is the subject of the band’s song, “Jane.” But can Fonda fans write this off, simply singing, “Oh Jane, there’s a time for love and a time for lettin’ me be, baby”?

The song, more recently popularized as the rock anthem of the 2001 David Wain satirical romantic comedy film, Wet Hot American Summer–which stars Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, and Christopher Meloni, among others–became iconic to the band’s sound on its first release with its driving piano, screaming guitars, and heartfelt lyrics written by members David Freiberg and Jim McPherson, though the source material, as well as subject for the song, has been long unknown.

Jane Fonda, who is currently working on an untitled film project, the content of which is also unknown, told reporters, after drinking several glasses of pinot grigio, that she indeed was “playin’ a game called ‘hard to get’ by its real name,” adding, “Makin’ believe that [she] just don’t feel the same,” which alludes to the Jefferson Starship song’s lyrics. She maintained her autonomy, however, disputing song lyricists David Freiberg and Jim McPherson’s claims that she was “playin’ a game [she] can never win,” stating: “I had them wrapped around my little finger. The fact that they thought I couldn’t win is ludicrous and further proves how well trained I had them.” Fonda laughed viciously, going on to say: “I admittedly toyed with [Freiberg’s] heart. So sue me!”

Freiberg, who likely has repeated the song’s trailing “Jane, Jane, Jane” fade-out lyrics to himself for decades, wishing Fonda would return his calls, was not able to be reached for a comment, but Fonda has insisted that his repeated attempts to contact her have entered into “stalker” territory, giving Fonda no choice but to seek a restraining order. On being asked about Mickey Thomas, the latter singer of Jefferson Starship whose powerful range made the song catch on, Fonda said, “I might have led him on, too. I don’t know, it was the ’70s. ”





Buddy Lukas joins the writing staff of  The Thirsty Thespian after earning his bachelor’s degree in investigative journalism from Harvard University, where, over the course of almost a decade, he researched and broke a story concerning the chaotic lifestyle of his roommate, Rivers Cuomo, who reportedly was “high all the time, mostly on cocaine.” Prior to going to college at age 35, Buddy was briefly a member of the rock band Foo Fighters as a rhythm guitarist before leaving the band due to Dave Grohl “hogging the spotlight.” He is the lead singer and guitarist of an outfit of which he is namesake and has a standing appointment at one unnamed New York City hookah bar, where he plays every Friday night.

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